About me


I'm Lisa and I'm an Event Stylist.

I love beautiful things always.

"NOT A WEDDING PLANNER" is the first thing I always say why the work of Event Stylist is different.
I create atmospheres,elegant decor,equipment specially imagined and then materialized exactly as was the idea in the minds of those who only had dreamed.

Do not use a stencil for all events because everyone has a different soul and then the projects are always "unique" and original.

I travel often to update me on innovative trend and then draw inspirations. Northern Europe is my inexhaustible source of energy!
The result is a tailored suit made of handmade ... details,of flowers,paper,of lights,sweet…

Fold the compromise of the simplest things produces a trivial result and emblazoned, This is what a really professional affidansosi not happen. I create something unique for the bride and groom, families he invited,companies and their customers and for any other situation that requires a creative project.

My arrangements and decorations are an integral part of the event and the emotions of that day must arrive straight straight,real scenes that are also designed for photography so that it can stay forever magic of that day .

Each project will have a styling and creative design and original and unique because created and produced by me, whatever the original idea the result will be excellent to be a shooting or a brand anniversaio.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is simply made up of two words: original creativity.






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